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The Five Year Cash Return Investment Plans

                                     The Five Year Cash Return Investment Plans

    Investors’ Blueprint of Disbursement Form 60-Months Distribution Portfolio Foxtrot

              Investment          Investment         Investment         Investment

               Timetable            Payments             Total                  Scheduled

                Payments          24-Months            Return               Check for

                  Outlay              Calculated             ITR                   60-Months

                    ITPO                    IPC                                                 ISC

                 $200.00           $4,800.00           $34,800.00             $580.00

                 $400.00           $9,600.00           $42,000.00             $700.00

                 $600.00           $14,400.00         $49,200.00             $820.00

                 $793.76           $19,038.24         $75,201.04             $1,253.35

                 $965.00           $23,160.00         $91,482.00             $1,524.70

                 $1,504.66        $36,111.84          $142,642.40          $2,377.37

                 $1,894.66        $45,399.84         $179,330.00           $2,988.83

                 $2,166.66        $51,999.84         $205,400.00           $3,423.33

                 $2,341.66        $56,199.84         $221,990.00           $3,699.83

                 $2,554.43        $61,306.32         $242,160.28           $4,036.00

                 $3,193.93        $76,632.72         $302,699.56           $5,044.99


Investing is an opportunity for everyone to gain a better future without taking on excessive risk. Taking the time to understand how to get started, find the best investment opportunities, manage your portfolio and budget your funds can help you plan for retirement, save for a child's education, or meet other goals you have in mind.

                                                            James Jamin

New York

Looking for additional income for your family? Consider the ITRs in the "Five Year Cash Return Investment Plans (FYCRIP)." This plan offers monthly payment options for investors to supplement their income. After the final monthly payment, the account matures, and you will begin receiving ISC installments after a 36-month wait. The outstanding balance on your IPC will receive a flat, fixed 7% annual interest rate increase each year in the second year of your COA. Check out the ITPO options below that match your current status.

Compounding refers to the process of generating wealth by reinvesting your earnings. The growth of an inherited IPC is influenced by two factors: time and reinvestment. The growth potential is more significant if you leave your investment untouched for an extended period. This means that the checks you receive will be larger when they arrive. In case of your death, your Primary Beneficiary will receive your installments until completion. Only the above-prearranged payments will be made and will not be paid in a lump sum. Investing in a reliable and established platform can be one of your best decisions. Your investment documents include a Contract of Agreement (COA), Primary Beneficiary and Secondary Beneficiary documents, Investors Cash Invoice, Financial Projection Forecast Statement, Certificate of Investment, Incapacitated Authorization Consent Form, and Investment Application Form. Remember that The Next Generation of Investments is a revolutionary investment platform that offers unprecedented freedom, versatility, and control over your portfolio. Our Fund Managers are highly skilled and experienced, allowing investors to participate in any opportunity worldwide.