Dear Prospective Investor,

This summary aims to inform potential investors of developing PSALTERIUM Farmsteads' multiplex complex infrastructures in rearing broiler chickens, pork, bovine, and egg production, vegetables, and fruit products worldwide. The new planned facilities will commence in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, India, Vietnam, China, and the Philippines, while the Dubai office will showcase the foreseeable financials and operations.

PSALTER 46 Investment Services is an American registered LLC Company that sells various products to consumers, such as agricultural, Mariculture, and aquacultural foods. The Company sells these products through vendors, stores, supermarkets, restaurants, Mini Marts, Wet & Dry markets, BBQ platforms, chicken roasters, hotels, hospitals, school and business cafeterias, wholesale distributors in their target markets, PSALTERIAN products are sold in PSALTERIUM store outlets a subsidiary of the parent organization.

To enhance production capacity across all business segments through strategic acquisitions of third-party facilities, which we will manage under our brand name. We have identified many potential acquisition candidates currently undergoing due diligence by our management team. We intend to increase our international presence by acquiring these third-party facilities, enabling us.

We want to become the market leader in offering online investments to expand enterprises. PSALTER 46 Investment Services branch offices operate in major cities globally. These offices are designed to increase capital to support and aid its planned infrastructures through unmatched investment offerings. Using investment capital to build, organize, and conduct worldwide operations devoted to agriculture, aquaculture, Mariculture, and Agri feed to produce large-scale farmstead complexes.

It’s important to note that the profits generated by PSALTERIAN products is how the investors are repaid. As per the plan, Phase 1 will build the first part of the international infrastructure, which will be followed by Phase 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The main developments in Phase 7 are aimed at Aerospace Research & Development and Medical Research & Development. These planned subsidiaries are the main concepts of PSALTER 46 and will be revealed to the public soon. The e-commerce websites, branch offices, PSALTERIUM Mini Markets, and the profits made by the other facilities will play a significant role in the Company's development through a wide range of ventures on a continuous cycle, expanding all enterprises.

Each planned subsidiary supports another to exist within the group. The parent Company controls every business that is built or expanded. It reduces operating costs and risk, takes advantage of making extra profits, and reduces prices to consumers. It grants investors sounder rewards. This business system allows us greater control and authority over what takes place. Self-sufficient: able to maintain oneself without outside aid, capable of providing for one's needs, and self-reliant. We directly deal with PSALTERIAN products in market affairs. It then sanctions for better wholesale and retail prices along with the benefits. We undercut other participants' prices whenever possible to maintain lower rates.

It is done using a Blueprint of Disbursement Form Audit to combine the clients' Investment Outlays to set up PSALTER 46 in their infrastructures in primary industries that are compatible with growth objectives. Our Investment Strategist (IS) knows that demand for these quality products will always exceed the supply of goods available by concentrating on high-growth areas in the agriculture, Mariculture, and aquaculture sectors. Carefully prepared and analyzed feasibility studies backed up by detailed marketing and financial plans allow PSALTER 46 to monitor every operation to ensure pre-set targets are reached. The secure, fully integrated, and self-reliant structure that controls and monitors all aspects of the various businesses, from farming to marketing, distribution, and merchandising, ensures investors' funds are tightly controlled through the parent Organization, PSALTER 46. This tightly controlled aspect eliminates agents, brokers, and intermediaries. The Company offers investors solutions to families' statistically significant lifestyle requirements and keeps them from any further debt. Businesses are provided with advantages and benefits at lower rates.

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                  Norman Neariah

                    PSALTER 46

           Investment Consultant (IC)



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