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Your goal is to achieve your financial goals. The sooner you start saving and investing, the better off you'll be in the future.

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     FAQs Questions and Answers

       1.) Q. How many investment contracts can a single client have?
        A. Three Contracts of Agreement (COA) are allocated to an investor.

2.) Q. Do you have a maximum limit on the capital to invest?
A. Yes, a threshold for the website and portfolio offerings of $ 10,000,000.00 is set. However, we can also do higher sums. This information can be found in our "Millionaires Planner" for $399.99.

3.) Q. How long will these rates and programs last?
A. The plans, programs, and percentages change every 12 months in December. After this, it will be adjusted, and new investment strategies will be applied to meet the ongoing business needs.

4.) Q. When was the Company founded?
A. In 1996.

5.) Q. How long does it take to receive the title to the house from "The House Plan Programs."
A. The title will be given to the investor in 90 days or less.

6.) Q. How does "The House Plan Program" actually work?
A. This program is straightforward; a benefactor puts in $62,000.00 and then waits for 60 months. After this, according to the country's laws, we build or purchase your home up to $400,000.00 of your choice.

7.) Q. Can I have a home overseas as a vacation house?
A. Yes, you can have a home purchased or built as a vacation house.

8.) Q. How many houses can I invest in?
A. You can invest up to three (3) investments in the HPP.

9.) Q. When can I sell my home right after purchasing or building it?
A. As part of our agreement in the HPP, you can sell your house after 36 months.

10.) Q. How about taxes concerning my investment with you? Do you deduct them?
A. There is no tax deduction by us. However, your responsibility is to report your earnings to the government, as we report ours.

11.) Q. Can I write you a personal check-in on which to invest?
A. You can print out a copy of the application form, fill it out, and mail your application to our contact address with your check. Your account will be activated soon after your check clears the bank.

12.) Q. Are all cash investments paid in a lump sum?
A. Yes, except for the monthly scheduled payment plans.

13.) Q. Can we keep the Blueprint of Disbursement Form financial plan entered into before they change?
A. Yes, you only need a PSALTER 46 membership for $25,000.00. This allows a prospective investor to keep the old perpetuity financial returns regardless of any new Company portfolio changes.

14.) Q. Can I put my child in a private school before college?
A. Yes, see our Education Plan Program.

15.) Q. What would happen if my payment to the account were late?
A. ACPRI ensures your account.

16.) Q. What would happen if I did not pick up my ITR on time?
A. You will receive a 45-day delay in payment about the COA if you do not claim your compensation within 180 days from your contract's expiration date. You will lose your account if no claim is made. The funds would be forwarded to PSALTER 46 Needs & Hopes—a charitable organization for disadvantaged families and children.

17.) Q. Is there a guarantee for my money if I invest?
A. The best guarantee for your money is not invested. All investments have an element of risk, some less than others. It depends on the type of investment that you are putting your money into. This Company has a reasonable amount of risk. However, we ensure our accounts with ACPRI. Ensure you have enough insurance and savings in case of an emergency. Keep about seven months' worth of living expenses in liquid savings money easily accessible to you as a safety net when investing with other companies. While your investment will reflect your goals and needs, all investors have commonly agreed-upon fundamental standards. They observe these rudiments: Have a financial plan, invest regularly, diversify your investments with others, invest in tax-advantaged instruments, and start on your investment quest. Consider your risk tolerance and what you will lose if something goes wrong. You should assess your finances thoroughly and prepare a long-term plan considering your financial goals. Not be one of those people who put everything into one investment.

18) Q. What happens if I miss three payments over 90 days in "The Partial Payment Plan?"
A. You will receive a late payment fee of $100.00 each month. After 90 days, your COA will be canceled, following the Terms and Conditions and Articles of Agreement in the contract, without any refund.

19.) Q. What would occur if I missed a payment or payments in "The Five Year Cash Investment Plans?"
A. You will receive a late payment fee of $100.00 each month. After 90 days, your COA will be canceled under the contract's Terms and Conditions and Articles of Agreement without a refund.

20) Q. I want to invest with you but need the finances.
A. We offer "Partial Payment Plan Programs," devised to help a new prospective investor who desires to enter any proposed program but lacks the finances. We also provide "The First Step Investment Plan" to encourage newcomers to invest.

21.) Q. Do you take foreign currency by checks?
A. Yes, at the Equivalent Rate of Exchange to the US dollar, as your contract will also be made.

22.) Q. I want to improve my home, but I need finances?
A. We can help you through our Partial Payment Plan Programs.

23.) Q. I am pregnant and want to invest in "The Baby Plan Program?"
A. The Baby Plan Program is intended for those planning to have a baby before 16 months.

24.) Q. Can I roll over part or all of my investment?
A. Yes, it is your choice.

25.) Q. Can I transfer my Contract of Agreement (COA) to another person?
A. No.

26.) Q. Can I add another person's name to my contract to invest in a joint account?
A. Yes. However, the account status fee will change to a joined account of $1,500.00 if the account has been activated.

27.) Q. Can I receive an early withdrawal or cash advance on my account before maturity?
A. No.

28.) Q. Can an Investment Consultant (IC) or one of your Investment
Strategists (IS) come to my home for an appointment.

A. Yes, we do make home appointments or telephone appointments. However, if worldwide, it would be at your expense for airfare and hotel accommodations to meet with a staff member.

29.) Q. Can I make an infant child my Beneficiary?
A.Yes. However, the child must wait until the age of 18 to release the funds or the investment program.

30.) Q. Can I remove or change a name to a joint Contract of Agreement (COA)?
A.Yes. You can amend a joint contract with the permission of the other contractual holder and with the authorization of PSALTER 46 for a fee of $1,500.00.

31.) Q. Can PSALTER 46 cancel a Contract of Agreement after I signed it with you?
A.Yes. We reserve the right to cancel any client up to 21 days from the signature date of the instrument.

32.) Q. Can I send someone to pick up my payment on my behalf?
A. No.

33.) Q. Are you licensed and registered with the appropriate agencies?

34.) Q. Do you accept a power of attorney?
A.Yes. However, a power of attorney will need to be verified. A background check will be conducted at your expense and any other fees.

35.) Q. To whom must the payment be made in a joint contract obligation?
A. The amount is made out to both named parties in the JCOA.

36.) Q. How many people can invest in a Joint Contract of Agreement?
A. A Joint Contract can be made up of ten (10) individuals. Cash Investment Plans (CIP) up to 10 individuals and two (2) persons in the investment programs.

37.) Q. I am concerned about having a first-rate retirement arrangement. How can you assist?
A. We have developed retirement strategies that fit your investment philosophy and stage of life. This arrangement earns you a nice monthly check to assist in your lifestyle. See our portfolio on "The Retirement Investment Plans."

38.) Q. If I died before the maturity date of my account, what would become of my investment?
A. Your Primary Beneficiary will inherit your investment under the same conditions you entered into your instrument.

39.) Q. What if my Primary Beneficiary dies during my COA? Who will inherit it then in case of my death during my investment?

A. It will then be passed on to your Secondary Beneficiary under the same Terms and Conditions.

40.) Q. Can I amend my beneficiaries in my COA?
A. Yes. However, there is an amended fee to the instrument of $1,799.99.

41.) Q. Can I cancel my COA?
A. Yes. You have the right to cancel your investment Contract as an investor within 72 hours. However, you had initialed each page, signed it, and made payment. After 72 hours, you are bound to the Terms and Conditions and Articles of Agreements if no cancelation is made.

42.) Q. Will I receive monthly or quarterly statements on my account?
A. You will receive semi-annual investment reports on your account.

43.) Q. Can I have a professional architect design my home?
A. Yes. The price of his blueprints fee can be deducted from your ITR.

44.) Q. What would happen if I do not fill out the Primary Beneficiary or Secondary Beneficiary Beneficiary in the COA?
A. PSALTER 46 Investment Services becomes the Primary Beneficiary in case of death.

45.) Q. I care about my privacy. Will the information I give be protected from the Investor's Application Form, or will it be shared?
A. PSALTER 46 may obtain personal information about you while serving you as an individual client. Collecting this information is vital to our ability to deliver the highest service to you. Still, we also realized that you expect us to treat this information with the utmost confidentiality. Your information is not shared or sold to any party and does not leave PSALTER 46 Investment Services. We take your privacy seriously and safeguard the data from being hacked by removing it from the Internet and Wi-Fi systems to protect your confidentiality.

46.) Q. Which forms of identification do I need to provide?
A. You would be required to have for verification a Passport, Drivers license, State license, Government ID, or Military ID as required by law and regulations, addressing due diligence and related matters, and a personal identifier such as copies of bills to your residence, your Social Security Number, National Insurance Number, Tax File Number.

47.) Q. Is the free limitation services for one year suitable for businesses or families as a selected choice in the Legal Services Investment Plan?
A. It covers both business and family together.

48.) Q. If an investor dies during a Partial Payment Plan, what happens?
A. The Primary Beneficiary can continue the payments, or the funds will be rolled over into another account of the Primary Beneficiary's choice.

49.) Q. What happens if the wedding couple breaks up during the contract in the Wedding Plan Program?
A. The funds can be transferred to another account of the benefactor's choice to ensure no financial loss to PSALTER 46.

50.) Q. What happens if a joint agreement is signed by a couple who have gotten divorced during the House Plan Program?
A. The funds will then be divided evenly and transferred to another account of the benefactor's choice for 24 months.

51.) Q. Can a joined contract be paid separately?
A. Yes, if indicated and declared in the Terms and Conditions of the Articles of Agreements.

52.) Q. How do group contract payments work?
A. A group contract involves three or more people choosing an investment, and the ITR is divided equally. The contract comprises each name in the contract group, and payments are made separately in the individuals' names.

53.) Q. What happens if a couple in the CIP signed a Joined Contract and divorced before contract maturity?
A. The couple will pay on schedule about the instrument's Terms and Conditions and Articles of Agreement.

54.) Q. Why should I believe you?
A. If you do not believe, do not invest.

55.) Q. Will you cancel some of your programs in the coming year?
A. Some programs can be canceled or adjusted, and all percentages can come down or up based on need.

56.) Q. Do you have limits on your investment programs?
A. Yes. Three to an investor.

57.) Q. If you stopped a program/s, how can I invest in it?
A. You are only able to if you hold a client's membership.

58.) Q. What type of documents will I receive from my investment?
A. You will receive a Contract of Agreement Handbook containing a Projected Financial Statement, a Certified Primary Beneficiary, a Certified Secondary Beneficiary Statement, a Certificate of Investment, an Incapacitated Authorization Consent Form, a Blueprint of Disbursement Form, and an Investment Invoice.

59.) Q. What is a Blueprint of Disbursement Form (BDF)?
A. Your BDF discloses what your investment funds will do with us over your instrument's chosen period.

60.) Q. Which countries can I not study in the Education Plan Programs?
A. Countries the US Government does not authorize are listed in your COA.

61.) Q. Can I transfer my Education Plan Program to another?

62.) Q. Can I have a Joint Contract Agreement for the Education Plan Program?

63.) Q. If my child becomes ill and cannot continue to go to school, what becomes of my outstanding balance?
A. It will be rolled over into another account of your choice.

64.) Q. What would happen if my child commits suicide in school during the period of the contract?
A. In such a case, the balance of your agreement will not be honored. As sympathetic as we are towards your loss, the Company will not bear a business loss.

65.) Q. What happens if my child is disabled and can't continue their studies?
A. Your account balance will be rolled over into another account of your choice.

66.) Q. If my child becomes a victim of sexual assault at a learning institution, can they change to another school?
A. Yes. But please remember that this will be subtracted from your account balance.

67.) Q. What happens in the case of accidental or natural death of my child during EPP?
A. Your student life insurance policy will handle such matters.

68.) Q. What would happen if my child could not attend school for a year for medical reasons?
A. The tuition fees would be stopped, and they recommence when your child returns to school.

69.) Q. What would happen if my child wants to take a sabbatical leave for 12 months or more from their studies?
A. The student would have to notify us of their intent to take a sabbatical leave 90 days before taking a break. Fees will recommence at the start of the authorized semester.

70.) Q. What would happen if my daughter needed to take leave from her studies due to pregnancy?
A. If your daughter intends to return to her studies after giving birth, she must provide details of when she will cease her studies. And at what date will she continue her schooling? We will terminate tuition fees for that period and recommence payments on her return to school. If, however, she does not plan on returning to her studies, all outstanding balances will be forfeited and retained by PSALTER 46.

71.) Q. What happens if my child is studying in another country, and it is no longer safe due to political unrest?
A. Your child can transfer in such a case. The account balance will be held until an alternative school can be found for the following year.

72.) Q. What would happen if my child wanted to change schools?
A. Yes, the student can. They must give a 90-day written notification before the end of the school year. We only honor the students starting at a new school in September.

73.) Q. Can two or three persons have a Jointed Contract of Agreement in the Yacht Plan Program?
A. Yes

74.) Q. If I invest in the Medical or Dental Programs, does my coverage start right after the investment?
A. You will not receive any coverage until after your account maturity date.